Brand Your Gun Range - FREE
April 15, 2022

Brand Your Gun Range - FREE

How would you like to brand and advertise your gun range and get paid to do it?

Most gun range owners today go online and buy generic targets with someone else's brand or name on them.  They then proudly hang them up on the wall and sell them to customers who forget to bring their own, and that's ok.

But here's the 4 problems with that.

  1. You're over paying for the targets.  We can help you make more profit.
  2. You're using the same targets as your competitors and that's not good.
  3. Your gun range brand is no where on the targets.  Targets are the very thing people spend over 75% of their time looking at when at the gun range.
  4. And this last one is important.  Your range doesn't exist in the pictures your customers share with friends and family on social media!


That's right - people share pics of their skills improving by taking pics of their targets and sharing them.  Yes, some more than others, but the fact that your logo isn't being seen by all those friends and family who live near your gun range means you've lost out on FREE advertising.


Still don't believe me?

Ask yourself how much you would pay for everyone who visits your range to tell 2 - 10 people about your gun range.  Now multiply that because the average person has approximately 150 friends online!


We can help you fix this problem in one week!

Call Alex at 786.258.8229 and tell him you want to brand your range and get paid to do it.